Saudi Aramco & Sinopec held first HSE Workshop

Aramco Asia has organized with Saudi Aramco’s long-term strategic partner Sinopec a workshop on health, safety and environment (HSE) focusing on issues highly related to the energy industry and sustainable development. The activities of the workshop were carefully designed as a professional platform of knowledge and expertise exchange in the area of HSE during the period from on 29 and 30 October, 2014. Beijing, China.

Bringing a total of 100 delegates from Saudi Aramco and Sinopec in house to share their best practice and expertise in HSE, the two-day workshop aimed at providing an accident-free and decent workplace, developing a system to prevent people from injury, minimizing the energy consumption to facilitate sustainability and increasing HSE awareness and safe behavior for employees and sub-contractors on a consistent level.

The nine Saudi Aramco representatives attending the Workshop were from Downstream Business Line, Environmental Protection, Loss Prevention, NGL Fractionation, Drilling & Work-over and Pipeline & Distribution Terminal.

While inaugurating the event, Ibrahim Al Buainain, President of Aramco Asia, reminded all attendees of the strategic cooperation between Saudi Aramco and Sinopec highlighting the role of strengthening health at work, preventing related risk factors to reduce the possibilities of injuries and minimizing the environmental impact of business activities.

“Aramco Asia recognizes the importance of HSE and considers it as our license to operate. We are committed to enhancing HSE management of our operations and providing an accident-free workplace for all stakeholders. We are continually seeking sustainable solutions for the industry that will ensure reliability and accessibility to energy. Our objective is to build an absolute safe working place and treat health and safety at work as our top priority,” President Buainain noted.

Saudi Aramco is aspired to be a global leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020, and recognizes the long-term health of the company is an integral to the health of the environment. "Since the launching of Saudi Aramco’s Accelerated Transformation Program in 2011, the company has been working diligently to develop strategies, and have made significant progress through sustaining economic growth, supporting productive and resilient communities and enhancing environmental sustainability of its business,” the President added.

Lian Mingxiang, deputy director general of Foreign Affairs Department of Sinopec, who also stressed the importance of HSE in his speech at the opening ceremony, shared his thoughts on HSE with the audiences and appreciated Aramco Asia’s efforts in co-organizing this workshop. He has indicated that such professional joint efforts are noteworthy communication tools in bringing these two global leading energy providers even closer. He made it clear that there are tremendous opportunities for two partners to cooperate and the workshop of this sort is an absolute catalyst in this regard.

During the two-day workshop, professionals from both Saudi Aramco and Sinopec touched upon the fundamental aspects of HSE and offered their best practice regarding various concerns of HSE management together, including the system and mechanism, goals and requirements, trainings, corporate supervisory role, contractors safety, incident reporting, crisis management as well as overall supervision.

Saudi Aramco delegates emphasized two major success factors in achieving outstanding performance record in HSE, beginning with company values of management commitment to Saudi Aramco HSE related management systems and most importantly, empowering employees to take ownership in all related HSE systems.

With an engaged debate and fruitful discussions, the outcome of the first workshop enabled participants to gain deeper understanding of the health, safety and environment related issues and regulations. They unanimously believed that HSE would remain higher on their agenda and the workshop of this sort should be held regularly.