Facts and figures about Saudi Aramco

Ensuring that we meet the Kingdom’s rising energy demand with gas for power and industry while also meeting the global call on our crude oil.
Growing gas production capacity by nearly 3%

Production and reserves

  • Recoverable Crude Oil & Condensate (billions of barrels): 261.1
  • Recoverable Gas (Associated and Nonassociated) (trillions of standard cubic feet): 294.0
  • Crude Oil Production (annual/billions of barrels): 3.5; (daily/millions of barrels): 9.5
  • Crude Oil Exports (millions of barrels): 2,544
  • Delivered Sales Gas and Ethane Gas (trillions of standard cubic feet): 4.1; (trillions of Btu, British thermal unit per day) Sales Gas: 8.4; Ethane Gas: 1.4
  • NGL from Hydrocarbon Gases (millions of barrels): 471.3
  • Raw Gas to Gas Plants (billions of standard cubic feet per day): 11.3, up 3% compared to 2013
  • Refined Products Production (millions of barrels): 561
  • Refined Products Exports (millions of barrels): 168


We produce roughly one in every eight barrels of the world’s oil supply. We maintain the world’s largest spare crude oil production capacity, ready to stabilize the global oil market in times of disruption.
World's largest crude oil exporter

Exports by region

  • Europe: Crude oil 7.2%; Refined products 10.7%
  • Far East: Crude oil 62.3%; Refined products 46.4%; NGL 25.5%*
  • Mediterranean: Crude oil 7.2%; Refined products 3.3%; NGL 3.6%*
  • U.S.: Crude oil 17.3%; Refined products 0.5%
  • Other regions: Crude oil 6.0%; Refined products 39.1%; NGL 70.9%*

* All NGL (natural gas liquids) figures include sales on behalf of SAMREF and SASREF;


We have integrated chemicals production in six of our refineries. Besides generating additional revenue, refining sets the stage for increased economic diversification and job creation in the Kingdom.
World-scale integrated chemicals complexes

Refining and chemicals


  • 5.4 million bpd total refining capacity; 1.0 million bpd wholly owned domestic, 1.9 million bpd domestic joint ventures, and 2,5 million;international joint ventures


Our business is the economic foundation for the Kingdom’s prosperity. We leverage our commercial activities to create multiplier effects that amplify added value and benefits for the people and communities where we operate.
Enhancing our contributions to the national economy

Economic impact

  • Value of contract procurement awarded to domestic firms: $37.4 billion
  • Value of material procurement spending awarded to local markets: $4.3 billion
  • About 500,000 direct and indirect jobs anticipated in domestic energy sector


We partner with local training organizations to develop the specialized skills required for new jobs.
Thousands of new employment opportunities in the domestic labor market


  • 61,907 total workforce of which 51,653 are Saudis and 10,254 expatriates
  • 1,713 regular Saudi hires (3% increase from 2013 to 2014)
  • More than 1,200 men and women trained in entrepreneurship and business development 
Building a unified global network to integrate research, development, refining, chemicals, lubes, distribution, and retail systems is vital to achieving our aspirations to help solve global energy challenges and stimulate the local knowledge economy.
A truly global, integrated energy and chemicals company


  • Offices: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia;(Head office); London, UK and The Hague, Netherlands (AOC); Houston and Washington, USA;(ASC), New York,USA;(Saudi Petroleum International, Inc.); Beijing, China(Aramco Asia);
  • Joint and Equity Ventures: Fujian Refining and Petrochemical Company Ltd (FREP) and Sinopec SenMei Petroleum Company Ltd (SSPC), Fujian, China; Motiva Enterprises LLC (Houston, USA); The Arab Petroleum Pipeline Co. (SUMED), Alexandria, Egypt;S-OIL (Seoul, South Korea); Showa Shell (Tokyo, Japan)
  • R&D centers: Beijing, China; Boston, Detroit, Houston, all USA;Dhahran (R&DC, EXPEC ARC), Thuwal (KAUST), both Saudi Arabia; Paris
  • Technology offices: Aberdeen, UK; Daejeon, South Korea (KAIST); Delft, The Netherlands
  • Bulk plants: Abha, Dhahran, Duba, Al-Hasa, Al-Jawf, Jiddah, Najran, Qatif, Qassim, Rabigh, Riyadh, Safaniya, Al-Sulayyil, Tabuk, Turaif, Yanbu'
  • Domestic refineries: Jiddah, Ras Tanura, Riyadh, Yanbu'
  • Domestic joint venture refineries: Petro Rabigh, SAMREF, SASREF, SATORP, YASREF
  • International joint venture refineries: Fujian Refining and Petrochemical Company Ltd (FREP), Motiva, Showa Shell, S-OIL
  • Terminals: Duba, Jazan, Jiddah, Ju'aymah, Ras Tanura, Rabigh, Yanbu'