Social responsibility

We want to build a better future for China – not only with the products we make, but with our contribution to its community too.

The world needs energy – it keeps everything moving. It gives us access to transport, water, food and healthcare – all the essentials of modern day society. And demand is increasing.

We’re committed to helping provide China with premium energy products and ensuring they have the lowest possible environmental footprint.


2018 Aramco Asia Mangrove Eco-Restoration Project

Aramco Asia, China Mangrove Conservation Network, Haishan Village Committee and Fugong Forestry Bureau set up the mangrove eco-restoration project since April 2018. The green initiative’s objectives are to facilitate and support the conservation and protection of mangrove swamps on Haimen Island, in Southeast China’s Fujian Province. The program is one of many social corporate responsibility initiatives that Aramco Asia is carrying out to conserve the enviroment and enhance sustainability.


Children Benefit Project

Aramco Asia, Ifeng News, and the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children jointly launched the 2018 “Children Benefit Project" in spring of the year in Xiamen, Fujian Province. The project is a large-scale medical charity program with physical checks, disease prevention, and improvement for medical and hygienic service conditions for children in impoverished regions. It is designed to support living and medical conditions, care for mental health development, and provide equal education opportunities during the growth of children.


Aramco Asia Energy Cup

Aramco Asia and Enactus jointly developed and carried out the innovative program since October 2016 with a theme of “Sustainability for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change.” It reaches over 199,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 380 universities in China, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and helps them find innovative solutions to the environment and sustainability challenges.


Aramco Cup 2017 

Aramco Asia, China Daily and Xiamen University launched a joint corporate social responsibility (CSR) program-Aramco Cup, in July 2017.

Featuring the theme of “community engagement, greener future”, the competition aims to boost public awareness on ecological protection.


Aramco Youth Program-A Journey of Art

Following the success of the Aramco Youth Program in 2015, Aramco Asia, the China Youth Development Foundation, “Children’s Love” Charity Fund and China Daily draw the curtain of this year’s event.

Themed “A Journey of Art”, the event gather 40 students, aged from 10 to 12, from remote countryside in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the region’s iconic scenery, where they paint what they see with help from teacher from Guangxi Arts Institute. It helps confirm our intention to expand the students’ horizon and enrich their knowledge.

Organizers: Aramco Asia, China Youth Development Foundation, China Daily

Co-organizer: “Children’s Love” Charity Fund

Date: January 13 to 21, 2017


Opening a window for children from low-income families

Aramco Asia, CYDF and China Daily launch children's program

"Opening a window for the world for low-income ethnic minority children" is a program organized by China Daily, Aramco Asia, the China Youth Development Foundation and the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation. The event will bring 30 ethnic minority students aged between 8 and 12 from low income areas in Yunnan province to visit Beijing for a week to see the capital’s multicultural internationalization, expand their horizons and enrich their knowledge.

Organizers: China Daily, China Youth Development Foundation, Aramco Asia

Co-organizers: China Youth Daily, China Children’s Press & Publication Group website, “Children’s Love” Charity Fund

Date: July 25 to August 1, 2015


National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)

As a passionate supporter of the development of culture and art, Saudi Aramco donated to NCPA through a long-term partnership program.

As one of China's top performing arts centers, NCPA is an important platform for international arts exchange, and with our backing, will be able to facilitate various culture exchange and art projects.


Today’s children are China’s future

But our efforts aren’t just about making greener energy. We also share the benefits of our work with the local community by promoting sustainable social and economic development.

For example, we helped the China Social Welfare Foundation to provide free lunches to 300 children in China’s deprived rural areas for an entire year.

And our partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
saw us donate funds to improve conditions in schools for migrant workers’ children across China.