Here you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a partner business.

Who do you define as a partner?

Partner is the term we use to describe any collaborative relationship we have with businesses and organisations. Our partnerships are focused on delivering a specific project or venture. Sometimes they’re led by Saudi Aramco through us here in Aramco China, and sometimes they’re led by our partners. Partnerships may involve a transfer of knowledge or expertise, and the commitment of people, equipment, land, infrastructure or capital by one or both parties.

Are the partnerships with Aramco China or Saudi Aramco?

Any contract or commercial relationship with an organization in China is made with Saudi Aramco. However the relationship is managed through our offices here in China.

What sort of partnerships have your had?

We collaborate with a wide range of companies on a wide range of projects upstream and downstream. They could be on research, developing new technologies and systems, infrastructure projects, renewables – anything that improves energy or cost efficiency in the energy sector.