Beijing Research Center (BRC)

Beijing Research Center teams are committed to pushing the boundaries of science and technology in the oil and gas industry.

Set up to collaborate with the top institutes, service providers and universities, BRC bolsters Saudi Aramco’s upstream research programs around the globe.

BRC fortifies Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC-ARC endeavor in creating cutting-edge solutions to existing E & P challenges through innovative thinking and state-of-the-art exploitation of technology. The created technologies will ultimately lead to enriched exploration exertions of oil & gas, increased recovery rates, and extended reserves which will in return secure sustaining Saudi Aramco’s stand as the number one Energy world provider.

BRC teams are part of Saudi Aramco’s global network of scientists and engineers who work together to find solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

The focus areas

BRC’s research exertion is focused on three main areas:

Geophysics: Fostering 3D automation by developing and implementing high-performance 3D algorithms.

Geology:  Adopting multi-scale geologic modelling and basin analysis.

Reservoir engineering:  Enhancing oil recovery through the development of new surfactants and polymers that are specific to the unique properties of our reservoirs.

The next breakthrough

Great ideas have the power to change the world. When the next breakthrough in energy technology happens, we will be there leading the way.