Because energy demand is constantly increasing, we’ve helped to complete a range of massive, multi-billion dollar projects in China to secure our commitment to providing energy of the future.

Beyond day-to-day operations, Saudi Aramco launches projects that not only ensure our position as the number one crude oil provider in the world, but help us explore and discover new and unexpected possibilities for the energy industry. Each one is engineered to meet international standards and built to surpass expectations.

Innovate and improve

Aramco China has helped create an impressive array of operational projects in partnership with local firms.

Harnessing Aramco’s abundant oil and gas reserves, we initiated SAMREF (Saudi Aramco Mobil Refining Company Ltd.) in partnership with Mobil Yanbu Refining Company Inc., creating one of the most sophisticated refineries in the Middle East.

Our local projects also search for new and cleaner energy solutions. Take YASREF for example – we partnered with China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) to produce ultra-clean transportation fuels using proprietary technology.

Globally, Saudi Aramco’s projects have helped increase maximum sustainable crude oil production capacity from 7.9 million bpd in 2009 to 9.4 million bpd in 2013 – the highest production capacity of any company in the world.