SAMREF (Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery)

Our SAMREF project is one of the world’s largest single-train crude oil refineries, and one of the most sophisticated refineries in all of the Middle East.

SAMREF is equally-owned by Saudi Aramco and Mobil Yanbu Refining Company Inc. and processes approximately 400,000 barrels of Arabian crude per day.

The refinery is recognized as a safe and reliable supplier of a wide range of high-quality products; approximately half of its output is consumed domestically, making SAMREF the main supplier of gasoline in the western region of the Kingdom.

Clean Fuels Project (CFP)

Once in operation, the multibillion-dollar Clean Fuels Project at SAMREF will reduce its sulfur content in gasoline and diesel products by more than 98% to 10 parts per million (ppm). This will meet stringent local and world standards, and help meet growing domestic, regional and global demand for cleaner-burning fuels.