Climate Change

Our climate change strategy includes growing our business sustainably by leveraging technology and innovation to lower Aramco's climate impact.

Our low-carbon intensity technologies for oil extraction and our development of nonfuel applications for crude oil have reduced emissions across our value chains. The increasing scale and scope of these cleaner energy capabilities has opened up new commercial opportunities for Aramco and our partners.

We are leveraging our global research and development network to accelerate development of a diverse low-carbon portfolio that helps us actively reduce our greenhouse gas footprint.

This includes the conversion of crude oil to chemicals, the manufacture and deployment of nonmetallic pipelines made from crude and other nonmetallic construction materials, and the capture and transformation of CO2 into high value products.

Research and Development

We have a global network of research and technology centers.

Their job is to deliver innovative breakthroughs toward our recovery, discovery, diversification and sustainability objectives.

This game changing work has the potential to reduce emissions from both the production and use of hydrocarbon energy sources.

In addressing the climate challenge, we're harnessing the power of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)  technologies that include big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Digitization is transforming the way in which we run our operations, and our 4IR Center in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is a digital ecosystem for technology solutions throughout the hydrocarbon value chain.

Technology and innovation are transforming our ability to provide the world's energy needs reliably and sustainably, boosting the technical skills of our workforce, and bringing advanced technology capabilities to realize our digital transformation vision.

At Aramco, people and technology work together to shape modern carbon-conscious manufacturing.

For instance, the World Economic Forum has recognized the intelligent field infrastructure setup of Khurais — one of the world's largest intelligent oil fields and oil-producing facilities.

A futuristic digital twin is a valued team member at Khurais.  The twin's automated industrial equipment and hardware, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics work alongside us to monitor, predict and diagnose.

Electronic and human eyes at Aramco keep watch on our end-to-end operations.