Aramco China

In our industry, the next big idea can shape the future. We equip our people with the skills that can take us there.

It’s a thrilling time to join Aramco China. With a growing workforce across our offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen, we deliver support services to Saudi Aramco – the world’s largest energy company.

To meet our challenges, we make serious investments into our employees. It keeps us at the forefront of the industry and provides our people with brilliant career opportunities – where could we take you?

A wide range of roles

We offer a wide variety of jobs in different fields, such as engineering, geology, information technology, PR, law, audit, HR, finance, and many more.

Rewarding your work

We believe in rewarding hard work with highly competitive benefits and compensation packages. Our employees enjoy a great lifestyle in a friendly, safe and well-equipped work environment.

Investing in our people

Our people are our greatest asset and our biggest investment; we ensure they’re equipped with everything they need to develop their expertise. It’s why we provide world-class training and development.

The place to be

At Aramco China, you can expect to be involved in large-scale projects across numerous locations. It’s just one of the benefits of being part of Saudi Aramco.




Recruitment Fraud Alert

We have recently become aware of an online fraud that suggests that a company called “China Aramco” is hiring. Please be informed that these advertisements are not associated in any way with Aramco China, Aramco Asia or any of Saudi Aramco’s affiliates. It is likely a scam that appears designed to steal people’s personal information and money and does not represent a genuine offer of employment from Aramco or any of its affiliates. We encourage the public not to respond to unclear or suspicious solicitations so as to avoid possible personal losses. If you are interested in working for Aramco China please reach out to Aramco China Staffing Team at ABS Career