Saudi Aramco and Chinese partners pursue research program to optimize fuel and engine technologies


Saudi Aramco and Chinese entities Tsinghua University, FAW Jiefang Automotive Wuxi Diesel Works (FAWDE), and Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Company today announced the start of a research program dedicated to fuel and engine optimization, and exhaust after-treatment technologies. For the first time a major energy company, engine manufacturer, petrochemicals company, and a renowned university come together to develop advanced fuel and engine technologies to reduce emissions.

This cooperation aims to develop ultra-low emission fuel and engine technologies that would meet the most stringent future emission regulations.

Under the research program, Saudi Aramco will propose new fuel formulations, support its flagship technology Gasoline Compression Ignition, and further develop mobile carbon capture technologies as a viable route to achieve lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Chambroad Petrochemical will conduct refinery modelling, techno-economic analysis, and produce new fuels for testing. And FAWDE will provide prototype engines and after-treatment systems, as well as conduct system integration and vehicle demonstration.

This collaboration aligns with the partners’ strategic intent to create solutions for CO2 reduction taking total emissions into consideration, while delivering efficient, reliable engine and fuels performance.