Aramco Chemicals unveils the design of polymer global unified bags


Saudi Aramco has globally launched a re-branding project designed to unify the packaging design of its petrochemical products.

With dedicated efforts by Saudi Aramco Overseas Public Relations, Aramco Chemicals, and Aramco Asia Chemicals, the polymers global unified bag design was unveiled to customers during the recent Aramco Chemicals Customer Appreciation Dinner in Shanghai.

On Jan. 17 of this year, the first cargo of the high-density polyethylene unified bag design from FREP was delivered to an end user in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, China. This represents a major milestone toward promoting Aramco Chemicals products’ global branding, and giving Aramco Chemicals bags a unique visual identity.

Saudi Aramco’s joint ventures, including Petro Rabigh in Saudi Arabia, S-Oil in South Korea, FREP in China, and Pref- Chem in Malaysia will use the new bags.

The wide global adoption of the new design will further promote the market acceptance of Aramco products through any new Aramco projects in the future.

The new bags reflect an 80% unified design covering company brand and product family, and 20% of product origin. Meanwhile, all grade names were adjusted to follow the Aramco Chemicals global naming systems.


Photo captions: Nasser M. Lasloum, Aramco Asia Chemicals director, joins a member of the team to witness the first launching of unified bags delivered to the Innova Packaging Group.