China chemicals business adopts a smart pallet solution to improve sustainability and efficiency

David Yuan (left), general manager of sales, and Paul Poon (right), general manager of supply chain of Xiamen branch office, and Jianchao Chen, CEO of JuFu Plastics Co., Ltd, welcomed the arrival of the first load of polymer products by shared pallet.

Aramco China’s chemicals business recently introduced a pallet pooling system to improve supply chain efficiency and achieve sustainable business practice. This smart solution is applied to support the polymer products manufactured by Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company (FREP), Aramco’s joint venture with Fujian Petrochemical Company and ExxonMobil, in Quanzhou.

The recyclable pallet, made from high density polyethylene, enjoys a lot of advantages over the traditional wooden or injection-molded versions, specifically the longer life cycle, better durability and easy to clean. Through sharing and reusing, this pooling technique brings less environmental impact, reduces carbon footprint and promotes sustainable business growth for Aramco and its clients.

Nasser Lasloum, Xiamen branch manager and chemicals director, commented, “We have always been attaching great importance to expectations from our customers and the community where our operation is based. The pallet sharing solution we have adopted will greatly improve our logistic efficiency, reduce operational costs and make our operations more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, the wide use of the smart pallets can also automate the process of product tracking and simplify inventory management.”

Polymer products with shared pallet are to be delivered to Jufu Plastics Co., Ltd.

By using these new smart pallets, logistic professionals can capture and transmit all key information to the cloud by scanning the QR code on each pallet, which has an embedded RFID chip to collect information. They can also keep track of the delivery process at any time via internet and calculate precisely how long the transportation will take.

Compared with traditional pallet, the smart one, which can be cleaned easily, can also prevent bacteria or chemical contamination. It also weighs less than the wooden one and has rounded corners to ensure safety at work.

Growth of chemicals business is a key element of Aramco’s downstream strategy. Since establishment in Xiamen in 2012, our chemicals team has been working closely with FREP to expand the marketing of a variety of petrochemical products in China. The company is continuously looking to enrich chemicals product portfolio and expand business outreach, as well as identify and pursue new ventures for long-term growth in the Chinese market.