NEXCEL pushes forward with new office and project proposals for 2022 Program Guideline

Mushabab Al Qahtani (R6), Aramco Asia China Country Manager, Ma Zhenzhu (L8), president of China Building Materials Academy, and Mohammed Al Qahtani (R4), vice president of Aramco Asia Engineering & Technical Services, joined participants from both sides after the ceremony that unveiled the newly revamped new office for Nonmetallic Excellence and Innovation Center for Building Materials (NEXCEL) in Beijing on July 6.

As part of the plan to promote the advanced nonmetallic technology, Aramco Asia unveiled the newly renovated and expanded office for the Nonmetallic Excellence and Innovation Center for Building Materials (NEXCEL) with China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) in a joint ceremony in Beijing on July 6, 2022.

Located on CBMA's campus, the newly revamped office is designed to push forward the joint research and development, learning, knowledge sharing with local partners and application of nonmetallic materials in building and construction industry. CBMA has been recognized as the “Base for International Sci&Tech Cooperation" by the Chinese government and has conducted extensive collaborations with over 100 countries.

Mushabab Al Qahtani, Aramco Asia China country manager, noted, “I still remember the grand occasion that celebrated NEXCEL's establishment in January this year, and now, we are glad to celebrate the newly renovated office for NEXCEL. I would like to thank all the members from NEXCEL, CBMA and Aramco for their hard work and contribution to the center. Also, I would like to thank CBMA President Ma for the long-standing support.”

CBMA President Ma Zhenzhu said: “NEXCEL focuses on innovation and deployment of nonmetallic technology in the building and construction sector, with the aim of 'We are building a Promising Future with Materials'. Under the support of the Steering Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee, NEXCEL has made significant progress in promoting the 2022 Program Guideline that has won wide social participation. All these efforts are a big leap towards its vision and the building of an open international platform for research and development. ”

Also during the ceremony, Ma, on behalf of CBMA, presented the International Friendship Award to Mohammed Al Qahtani, vice president of Aramco Asia Engineering & Technical Services, for his extraordinary contribution in promoting Aramco-CBMA collaboration. This is the first time that CBMA sets up this award for international collaboration and looks forward to more achievement.

The unveiling on July 6 followed the second Steering Committee Meeting which concluded on June 29 and chaired by the Saudi Aramco Nonmetallic PMO Mr. Waleed Al Otaibi, who is also the Steering Committee Chairman of NEXCEL. Six Committee members from both sides reviewed and approved proposals for all eleven projects agreed in 2022 Program Guideline, and shared the updates for those in 2023 Guideline, which will be reviewed and approved by the committee in the next meeting. The 2022 projects focused on the improvement of polymer based additives in concrete, development of composite materials as alternative to steel, sponsorship of PhD research projects and multiple advocacy opportunities.

At the end of the meeting, Al Otaibi concluded: “Thanks for the great effort of all team members of NEXCEL and Technical Advisory Committee in formulating, evaluating and finalizing the projects of 2022 Program Guideline. I hope the kick-off of these projects will be a running start to promote the nonmetallic in building and construction and fulfill the objective of NEXCEL.”