Aramco Asia vows to contribute to Beijing’s growth with deeper, wider business integration

Mushabab Al Qahtani, Aramco Asia China country manager, has pledged deeper and wider efforts to expand downstream engagement with Chinese partners and contribute to local economic development in his remarks delivered at a research seminar organized by Beijing Municipal Government on February 18. (Photo courtesy: Beijing Radio and Television (BRTV))

Aramco Asia has pledged deeper and wider efforts to expand downstream engagement with Chinese partners as part of the company's commitment to contribute to the economic development of Beijing, where the company's headquarters is based.

Mushabab Al Qahtani, Aramco Asia China country manager, made the remarks at a research seminar where government officials, notably Yin Li, the secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and Yin Yong, mayor of Beijing, met with a group of executives of multinational companies and listened to their voices in Beijing on February 18.

The seminar is one among a series of activities Yin has attended to learn about the development of multinational companies, optimize the business environment, and seek advice and suggestions from them for the purpose of realizing high-quality growth in the Chinese capital.

Reviewing Aramco's eleven-year journey and achievements since the establishment of the Asia headquarters in Beijing, Al Qahtani noted, “During President Xi's visit to Saudi Arabia last December, we signed multiple agreements with our partners in Shandong and Fujian. Now, we are working diligently to implement these agreements and close new investments across Chinese provinces, which will in turn empower our Asia headquarters.”

“We maintained our position as China's largest source of crude oil last December, and our potential investments in Fujian during your tenure have all turned into fruition. Our success in China will no doubt support further the company's growth in Beijing, which is the ideal location to continue servicing and expanding in the Chinese market,” Al Qahtani added.

Looking forward to the future, Al Qahtani expressed his optimism of Beijing's development and vowed to expand cooperation with Chinese partners on key technologies like crude to chemicals, non-metallics and green transport.

Aramco, along with BMW, Panasonic, Nestle and Caterpillar, are the only five multinational companies that were invited to participate in the seminar.  

Established and headquartered in Beijing in 2012, Aramco Asia is a group of wholly owned subsidiaries of Saudi Aramco Asia Company and shares a key mission in serving Aramco's corporate strategic initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a wide array of services, including crude oil, business development, joint venture, procurement, research and development.