Aramco delivers sustainable fuels at 2023 Macau Grand Prix

Formula 3 technical partner Aramco provided advanced fuels for 26 cars at the 70th edition of the FIA F3 World Cup Macau Grand Prix, held on November 16-19.

This is part of Aramco’s collective efforts to reduce emissions along the entire value chain of the Company’s products, in particular those in the transportation sector, and an important step towards enabling a circular carbon economy.

Ashraf Fagih, Aramco Asia Vice President of Public Affairs, attended the event on behalf of the Company. Commenting on the event, Mr. Fagih noted, “Our presence at the Macau Grand Prix complements Aramco’s strategic pan-Asian sponsorships of a variety of competitive enterprises, including the Chinese Basketball Association, the Indian (Kreckitt) Premier League and F1 globally.”

Mr. Fagih added, “In the Macau GP particularly, we provide advanced fuels that pave the way for the utilization of combinations of low-carbon hydrogen produced by renewable electricity, and CO2 that is captured either directly from air or from industrial plants – a true drop-in solution. In the near future, Aramco aspires to demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial viability of such synthetic fuels.”

Aramco intends to be a key player in providing synthetic fuels that can power existing automotive fleets. The company’s leading research and development will continue toward the ambitious target of fully powering F2 and F3 races with advanced synthetic fuels of higher concentrations of low carbon by 2027.