Sustainability Techno-Quest: Carbon Footprint Reduction through Alternate Sequestration

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People's Republic of China have both announced their intent to achieve net-zero by 2060. Let's join forces toward achieving our harmonious aspirations.

*** Submission Deadline Extended to November 15th, 2023 ***


A techno-quest is an R&D competition that attempts to engage local researchers in proposing relevant R&D projects toward a specific opportunity for possible collaboration and funding.


This techno-quest will focus on sustainability and specifically the concept of alternate sequestration, where captured CO2 may be converted to and/or incorporated into materials. For this Techno-Quest, we are soliciting proposal for potential R&D projects and technological solutions across two domains:

  • CO2 solidification: R&D of technologies for CO2 storage in solid forms via conversion and incorporation.
  • CO2 to oilfield chemicals: R&D of innovative solutions to efficiently convert CO2 to oilfield chemicals for upstream applications.


Saudi Aramco publicized its intent to achieve net-zero by 2050. Although Saudi Aramco Upstream operates the industry lowest carbon-intensity oil production value chain, it has committed to further reduce its emissions. In support, Aramco Beijing Research Center has established its Upstream Sustainability Technology Team.


Researchers and research groups from academia, research institutes, service sector, and industry across China are encouraged to submit their R&D proposals for potential collaboration and funding.


The winning proposal will be awarded a research fund up to 1.5 million RMB to cover the whole proposal or initial phase(s) through establishing a collaborative research project. All entries will be scored based on: (1) novelty and uniqueness, (2) potential impact, (3) technical quality, (4) research capacity, and (5) proposed IP arrangement.


To participate in this competition a short proposal using the competition template shall be sent by 15 Nov. 2023. Shortlisted proposals will be invited to present their submissions physically or virtually. To submit your proposal please email: