Zhou Zuyi meets with Aramco Asia President

Source: FJSEN.COM         Reporter: Zhou Lin

Zhou Zuyi, secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and chairman of NPC Standing Committee, met with Aramco Asia President Saleh Zaid in Fuzhou on April 25.

On behalf of the provincial party committee and government, Zhou welcomed Aramco Asia delegation led by Mr. Zaid and briefed him about the the economic and social development in Fujian.

Zhou noted that China and Saudi Arabia enjoyed a long history of friendly exchanges, and the two countries have witnessed the all-round and rapid development. President Xi Jinping attached great importance to bilateral industrial cooperation and has made a series of guiding principles, pointing out the direction for deepening the practical cooperation between Fujian and Saudi Arabia.

Fujian and Saudi Arabia have good economic and trade relations and frequent exchanges, and Saudi Arabia is an important trade partner and source of import for Fujian in West Asia.

In line with President Xi’s instructions on Fujian’s development, Fujian has thoroughly implemented the decisions and plans, promoted high-level opening up, stepped up the pace of building a modernized industrial system. The cooperation with Aramco has a wide range of possibilities, with favourable timing, geographical and human conditions. Zhou hoped the two sides could implement the consensus reached by the state leaders, promote high-quality development of Belt and Road cooperation, speed up major projects construction and improve economic performance for major projects, strengthen exchanges in science and technology and human resources, promote cooperation in various fields to achieve more results and realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

Mr. Zaid thanked the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and government for their strong support over the past years. He noted petrochemical industry in Fujian, full of great opportunities and with promising future, its foundation, advantages and potentials. Aramco laid great importance to China, particular Fujian, and is optimistic about them. Aramco will also intensify its investment and cooperation, carry out those projects that are already in place, and actively contribute to the economic and social development of Fujian.

Guo Ningjing, vice-governor of Fujian, and Wu Xielin, secretary-general of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, also attended the meeting.