'Together, We Will Be Stronger'


Kingdom and Saudi Aramco have strong presence at 5th China-Arab Energy Cooperation Conference

Beijing — A Saudi Aramco/Aramco Asia delegation recently participated in the 5th China-Arab Energy Cooperation Conference, held in Beijing, China and co organized by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) and the League of Arab States (LAS).

During the inauguration session of the conference, head of the Arab League delegation, Dr. Saleh Al-Awaji, Saudi Deputy Minister for Electricity and chairman of the Saudi Electricity Company, delivered a keynote speech during which he advocated further expansion and growth of China-Arab business and trade.

“In the coming years, the LAS will continue to support the investment of China and Arab states in the oil and gas and electricity sectors. The utilization of renewable resources will be enlarged by proper planning and the implementation of some key projects in fields of wind and solar energy,” said Al-Awaji.

“China-Arab trade and business exchanges shall be strengthened by (various) measures, including joint venture establishment, promotion of SMEs and the constant improvement of the market mechanism.”

Together, We Will Be Stronger

At the conference attended by more than 300 government officials, entrepreneurs, media professionals, and scholars from China and Arab nations, Nabil A. Al Nuaim, Aramco Asia president and CEO, delivered a keynote speech titled “Together, We Will Be Stronger,” focusing on three main themes:

  • The growing strategic energy relationship between Saudi Arabia and China
  • The alignment between Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and China’s Belt and Road initiative
  • The great prosperity that working together can provide to the Kingdom, China, and the Arab world.

Al Nuaim elaborated on the strategic energy relationship between Saudi Arabia and China, and how this enduring friendship has served the alignment between Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

"We in Saudi Arabia are proud to be the largest supplier of crude oil to China, and we are in China for the long-term,” said Al Nuaim. “This means that in addition to our role of helping to guarantee China’s energy security, we also want to be more integrated in a whole range of activities in the oil sector in China.”

During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Saudi Arabia earlier last year, a wide range of agreements were achieved, outlining a road map of comprehensive and strategic cooperation between the two nations.

The visit of HRH Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad ibn Salman ibn Abd’ Al-‘Aziz Al Sa’ud to China this past August again showcased the strong links and mutual benefits of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

During that visit, more than 20 Memorandums of Understanding were signed between Saudi and Chinese firms, with a broad scope of business, including many energy related areas.

Al Nuaim re-emphasized the alignment between the two national strategies.

“Saudi Arabia is well positioned to become an important geographical hub, meanwhile, its vast resources can be used to help fuel the growth of many countries along the Belt and Road.”

Al Nuaim ended his speech by extending an invitation to our China and Arab neighbors to invest in the Kingdom.

“Both our Chinese and Arab friends can count on Saudi Arabia as an important, reliable and trusted partner. Together, we can all bring greater prosperity to our countries and our people.”


Photo caption: Nabil A. Al Nuaim delivers a keynote speech at the inauguration of the 5th China-Arab Energy Cooperation Conference stressing the strategic partnership with China and the strong alignment between Saudi Vision 2030 and the Belt and Road Initiative.