Workshop highlights Sinopec collaboration


The Downstream Process Engineering Division (DPED) of the Process and Control Systems Department (P&CSD), along with the Domestic Joint Venture Management Department (DJVMD), recently organized a two-day workshop on Sinopec technologies in Dhahran.

Designed to strengthen Saudi Aramco partnership with one of the largest refining companies globally, the workshop was conducted by China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) subject matter experts with presentations focused on reforming, hydroprocessing, aromatics, and olefins processing. The workshop also included technologies offered by Sinopec on various refining and petrochemical process.

An opportunity for exchange

The event represented an opportunity for Saudi Aramco engineers to interact with Sinopec refining and petrochemical experts, network with colleagues, and learn about new technology solutions to achieve operational excellence in our refineries. Opportunities were explored to improve the performance of our refineries’ units and to identify innovative means of refining and petrochemical integration.

The workshop was attended by several engineers from various Saudi Aramco organizations, including P&CSD, the Facilities Planning Department, DJVMD, Research and Development Center, and Chemicals.

Challenges and benefits

Ahmed Al Ghamdi, acting manager of  P&CSD, welcomed participants and addressed challenges facing downstream industries and benefits expected from the workshop. He emphasized that a key target was to collectively interact, discuss, debate, share knowledge, and eventually exchange innovative solutions and improvement opportunities to enhance our facilities’ performance and profitability.

Al Ghamdi highlighted the importance of the workshop and the fact that Saudi Aramco is expending significant efforts in maximizing our refining capacity and integrating world-class petrochemical facilities with some of our major refineries. Optimizing and improving the performance of our facilities will result in operational benefits and cost savings, he added.

Al Ghamdi also expressed his gratitude to the Sinopec representatives for their visit and highlighted the successful collaborations and partnership with Saudi Aramco through joint ventures, such as the Yanbu’ Aramco Sinopec Refining Company in Saudi Arabia and the Fujian Refining and Petrochemical Company in China.

He also acknowledged the Catalytic Conversion Unit (CCU) team for its dedication, effort and hard work in putting together the ambitious gathering. The organizing team included Saeed Al Alloush, DPED/CCU supervisor, and CCU engineer Hisham Al Bassam.

Sharing and generating new ideas

Together with Saudi Aramco experts, the presentations by Sinopec served as a platform for fruitful discussions and a steady exchange of ideas. The seminar included presentations covering technology advancements, market updates, performance improvements, and best practices pertaining to specific refining and petrochemical processes.

Each day also included an open discussion session to facilitate knowledge exchange among the refining and petrochemicals professionals. Throughout the workshop, the interaction between the presenters and the participants promoted knowledge transfer and generated new ideas that can be implemented in Saudi Aramco facilities.

Topics discussed at the workshop included “Para-Xylene Technologies,” “FCC Family Technologies (DCC, CPP),” and “Advanced Hydoprocessing Technologies (FMC1, FHC, NHT).” During the second day of the seminar, topics included “Reforming Technology,” “OCC Technology (Catalytic Cracking of C4/C5 Olefins to Propylene),” “ODB Technology (Butene Oxidative Dehydrogenation),” “PGH Technology (Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation),” “C5 Separation Technology,” and “Sinopec Technologies Case Study.”

Al Alloush delivered closing remarks by thanking the attendees from Saudi Aramco and Sinopec for the technical exchange of ideas.

Photo caption: Faisal Habiballah of Saudi Aramco’s Domestic Joint Venture Management Department, left, speaks with Bian Fengming, vice director of Sinopec and other members of the Sinopec team during a recent two-day workshop in Dhahran designed to strengthen our partnership with the Chinese petrochemical company. The workshop focused on reforming, hydro-processing, aromatics, and olefins processing, as well as technologies offered by Sinopec on various refining and petrochemical processes.(Photo: Moayed Al Qattan/MPD)